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Kimberly Camacho

Kimberly Camacho

Parrish, Fl


I believe that art is a glimpse into the internal works of the artists\' mind, how the artist views the world and all that is in it. I hope that my art moves you, makes you think, inspires you, confuses you, makes you feel, makes you wonder, or in some way makes a small difference in the way you view something. I am very passionate about life and the effect that each person and thing has in the world. Every person good or bad leaves an impression, or a ripple if you will, and I want to capture those impressions/ripples. From time to time you will see a piece that is not for sale but is there as a journalistic piece about someone’s life or the events at the time. Hopefully they will move you as they did me.

I am not one of those artists that have a long list of schools behind my name, but I have two great parents that have made a difference in the art world. My mother was an art teacher and my father is an artist. My mother sent many a student on to greater things via art scholarships to The Ringling School of Art and many others. I just wasn\'t a college bound student. My father\'s work may be viewed on this site under Keith Kochenour.

Please visit this site often, as I am always creating art work and updating photographs. Most of the work is digital due to lack of space for me to work in other media and storage space. Your comments are valued and appreciated.


Waiting for Lunch


The Whole World In Front of Me


A Closer Look


The View


Quiet Moments at the Beach


Orange Sunset


At the Marina


Main Avenue


Reflection of a Pelican


Any Man Series - My New Office


Any Man


Sunset through the Storm


Gator on the River


Holes in Heaven's Floor


Elizabeth's Eyes


Coaster Ride 2


Coaster Ride


Under Lock and Key


Rest In Peace


Fort Foster Cannon




Sunset on Lake Manatee


Sunset in the Woods


Country Sunrise


Orange Sunset